Homes built by Pérez Construction can be seen in the north beach communities of El Dorado Ranch and Playa de Oro and the south beach communities of Campo Mazatlan, Campo Mayma, and further south to Puertecitos.

Our projects range from custom homes of all sizes to small vacation getaways and RV ramadas, allowing our clients to experience beach life San Felipe style according to their means. Regardless of size, every project receives the same commitment to quality and professionalism.

Pérez Construction uses top quality materials, applying strict quality standards and energy efficient cooling and heating. We are compliant with all requirements of the El Dorado Ranch Contractor Compliance Program, earning our ongoing 5-Star Contractor status.

Lupe Pérez is a long-time resident of San Felipe. He and his family have been building homes in Mexico for over three decades. Lupe heads the team of talented artisans at Pérez Construction. Renowned for his authentic Mexican style and the Pérez signature beamed, vaulted ceilings, he also incorporates the contemporary finish so in demand by discriminating clients.

Lupe is a hands-on contractor. In addition to directing the overall project, he can often be found working side-by-side with his men.


In partnering with Jane Allen in the position of Contract Manager, Pérez Construction benefits from her extensive experience in contract management and oversight. Having worked closely with Lupe Pérez, General Contractor, during the construction of her home, and admiring the quality of his workmanship, she was pleased to forego retirement and join the company.

From the first meeting with the client, she is an integral part of contract negotiation and management of all administrative components of the project from start to finish. Jane is the connection between everyone involved in the grand adventure of building a home in San Felipe. Her careful oversight is key to maintaining the trust and confidence of the clients she serves.

Lupe and Jane are available to clients 24/7 either by cell phone or email at You will often see them in her yellow Toyota on the road between job sites and taking care of business every day. Jane's home, Casa Buena Vida, is the centerpiece of Lupe's work. It is open for all to enjoy and visitors are welcomed warmly.